2016 Blog 12 A Clever Trapeze Class


I read a book once about the art of trapeze and the author said trapeze is designed to be beautiful. Don’t just huff and puff your way through the tricks, every move every look every gesture is supposed to beautiful, graceful and strong. That is one of the things that I love about trapeze. It is a chance to learn how to do something with grace. I’ve been trying for graceful since I was six and doing ballet class but I’ve never thought graceful could be taught I always thought you either had it or you didn’t. I have discovered though that learning circus skills opens up whole new worlds.

Head up look at your audience. What are your hands doing? Are your legs straight? What expression do you have on your face? It’s not a stressful thing running through these elements it’s more like a mental check list. It’s part of the process and I love it. When I first learned to juggle Alessandro the trainer said stand up straight, look forward, shoulders relaxed, be gorgeous. I had laughed when he first said this but why not, why can’t gorgeous be an attitude rather than a physical attribute? It’s worth a thought. When Alex reminded me during class to look up at the audience she took me right back to that first juggling lesson. So if you are a person who does not like to make eye contact, who does not have good posture or is continually tense, this is a way to develop the habit of stand tall and easy and now I almost never have to be reminded to do it.

The clever part of today’s title was a new trick Alex showed us. She showed us a way to go from Back Star to Gazelle and it was so simple but looked so good and we had got there because she had built up the moves over the weeks. You start in Back Star a little closer to one side rather than just in the middle. Then you bend one leg and twist and voila you are in Gazelle and after a bit of practice we didn’t need our hands to help so it looked really cool to be hanging in Back Star with your hands down and then you just move your leg and twist and suddenly, smoothly, apparently effortlessly you are in Gazelle. I thought it was really clever and I thought it was beautiful. Every time I think are we getting to the point of knowing most of the moves Alex pulls another trick out of her hat. She’s a magician!

Chantelle and I did a run through of our routine and I had asked Alex to video it so I had a record of where I was at in trapeze at this point in time. I think it must have been close to the end when I hit the bar with my heel. Chantelle said she heard it and I love her because she kept going. It’s the dancer in her I think, if you’re performing you keep going. Alex was videoing us and asked if I was ok and I nodded and I kept going. Now I can tell you it hurt like a Mother but I really really wanted our routine on video unbroken so I thought I don’t care if I can’t feel my foot I’m finishing the bloody routine. I finished I smiled at the end and then as soon as I was off the mat I allowed myself to feel the equisite pain that was radiating up from my foot. Now I describe this because; 1) I was so impressed that Chantelle kept going she could have buggered up the video by stopping and I wouldn’t have blamed her but she didn’t. 2) Alex either saw it or heard it and asked if I was ok and I liked that. Alex doesn’t say harden up keep going she asks if you are ok it’s a really nice trait she has.3) I had further proof that if I want something nothing gets in my way, I did not care that I couldn’t feel my foot I wanted a complete video and by cripes that’s what I got. It was a reminder of my nature and I like this about myself.

I know (‘ve said this before but I have worked with difficult people in the past and so I am grateful when I have good people to work with. Chantelle is flat out funny she is a hoot to work with. She has this bird call she does just when she feels like it and I love it. Alex is tricky with what she slips into the lesson and she’s funny too. Universe thank you for bringing me to the Circobats crew you did me a very good turn there. These Saturday afternoons are magical. It doesn’t matter if someone is sick or has an injury or if everyone is full of beans and ready to take on Everest, it’s a lovely, funny, kind class and I love it.



2016 Blog 11 What is the Purpose of Art? (Please be aware that some difficult potentially triggering subjects are raised)


2016 Blog 11 What is the Purpose of Art?

I was so enthralled by the Circobats Mortal Sins show that I went to both sessions. The first session raised all of these questions in me and I was hoping to get some answers from the second session. I’m still considering the answers a day later.

So far my circus experience has been, look at the beautiful outfits, see the physical mastery, listen to the wonderful music and be entertained. The Mortal Sins show took that experience to a much deeper level and I finally realised that dance and music are mediums that are as powerful as words to convey emotion. Actually to convey emotion and to evoke emotion because I and several audience members were actively moved by two of the acts in this performance.

Two acts in the first part of the show were so affecting and they lost none of their power when I saw them for the second time. It made me wonder; Is this how art started? Did a cavemen or woman experience overwhelming joy or despair and want to be able to communicate it with the others in his group. Does art allow you to get these feelings out of your system before you are consumed by them. Does it enable you to communicate with others how you are feeling through dance, music, painting, writing or sculpture? Somebody once said to me that I was too sensitive and I thought at the time that he was too insensitive. I know that despite the pitfalls of being overly sensitive I would not want to become a person whose feelings were calloused over and were not able to appreciate what I saw Friday and Saturday.

The first piece concerned grief and it made me ask so many questions. Is this piece a mechanism for making sense of what happened? Is it a way to honour those who have gone or is it a way to simply get overwhelming emotions out of your body in a constructive way rather than the destructive use of self harm or drugs. Is it a way to communicate with others that your world has changed and this is what it looks like now. It was an amazing piece of work and I will never forget it.

Zoe then showed us her year 12 submission and that was another powerful performance. I put an interpretation on it from my own experiences and then I asked Zoe later what the piece was about. My interpretation was different to Zoe’s intention and so arose more questions. Is art a direct communication between the artist and the public or does art stand alone? Does art have a life of it’s own and the ability to teach you what you need to be taught. Regardless of the answers the piece was so strong and moving. What a night hey?

Ok that’s enough of the deep stuff let me tell you about the rest of the show. The Mortal Sins show had two segments. I would like to say it was a two act piece but then there were acts within those two acts and it’s just going to get too confusing.

So the first part of the show had those two amazing pieces that I have spoken about already. We also saw some wonderful displays of acrobatics and juggling. A Circobat called Tara did the MC job for both nights and it occurred to me that her role was pivotal throughout the sessions.

To start with Tara was who we saw first, so she was our introduction to the show. It was like she opened the door to the show and said; “Come in, sit down and here we go”. Her manner and the way she was dressed was reassuring, like here you are, you are about to be experience something and I’ll be guiding you through the process. So an act would come on and you would be absorbed by that act and forget about reality and then the act was over and Tara was back and you would blink and then oh yes this is where I am and then on to the next performance. Now if you really got into an act, it was incredibly nice to have someone bring you back to reality and get you ready for the next performance. I don’t know if that was her intention but that was the effect she had on me. She kept things rolling and gave you the feeling that everything was running as it should. That girl is going to go places if she has a mind to.

They put little jokes throughout the performance. So for Tazi’s wonderful hat act you didn’t just have someone walk on stage and plonk the hat down you had a whole funny little tiny routine to go with it. I really enjoyed those little acts sprinkled throughout the evening.

The acrobatic act was ridiculously good. My goodness you did not know where to look. There were performers everywhere then they grouped themselves together and made human sculptures then they moved apart and made one big balancing thingy then they split up again and made little balancing thingies and I thought nobody is talking to each other but everyone in the act knows what pose is next, where your feet go, where your hands go and Voila! It was magical and joyous.

Tazi did her hat manipulation routine from Spaced Out and that is such a lovely happy quirky piece. She should be really proud of that act. Ryan did a juggling act on his own which was amazing. The way he got the rings to change colour was so cool. I’ve been following his work for a few years now and I’ve just seen him improve and improve. The blonde girl doing the juggling did a great job and was quite dazzling.

So now onto the second act which was The Mortal Sins show itself and yowza what a show. This was a clever show in so many ways. Take one couple, Alex and Sam, with maybe a few cracks in the relationship. Introduce a hoola hooping femme fatale played by Persia and all hell breaks loose. It’s a competition to win the heart of the man and it’s take no prisoners. Oh and you roll through a list of mortal sins as you go.

You could almost forgive Sam for being tempted with the hoola hooping scene, it was mesmerising. However Alex fought back with a trapeze routine that was not to be ignored. Her facial expression and her body language left you in no doubt what she thought of the hoola hooping intrusion. I kept thinking but that’s my Alex, funny, patient, lovely Alex. The look her character was giving Persia would have sent me scurrying away. I had to keep telling myself it’s acting Trish just acting. Words are my art form so I am fascinated that all three players exactly conveyed their emotions and intentions without a word being spoken. As an aside the way Alex made her trapeze appear and disappear at the end was genius. It was like she whistled for her horse and it appeared and then it left again when she was done with it. This is an example of all of these tiny little things that just made the show brilliant. Then Alex commenced to walk all over Persia in an acrobatic showdown that was amazing. Sam then comes in and shows how he’s been manipulating hearts all along and then proceeds to hypnotise the audience with his illuminated poi routine. Alex and Persia return with some music that will knock your socks off, honestly the music was another character of the show. Alex and Persia then biff it out on separate silks. Sam watches Persia at the start but he’s watching Alex at the end.

I cannot believe how talented these people are. They could be actors if they wanted to and I’ve barely mentioned the physical mastery they showed in the performance. My goodness I enjoyed this. If they do a DVD I would love a copy and Circobats need to think about having a You Tube channel. seriously guys think about this.

I am incredibly grateful for meeting the Circobats people. They are talented in their performances and they are kind by the way they are willing to share their skills in the classes they offer. I am dazzled by their performances. Well done Circobats you are awesome.

2016 Blog 10 Training is a Privilege


Have you ever thought about the idea that training is a privilege? Any day, any moment or any second, things could happen and your training could be taken away. You could get injured, your trainer could get injured, you could have to go to hospital, your training venue could get shut down, maybe you have to move or your job changes. People with children, in my experience mostly women, have trouble getting to training because of the difficulty with finding someone to mind the kids.

Some people’s jobs get in the way, some people don’t have jobs and can’t afford the training. Some people have a physical or mental impairment that make training a very different proposition as compared to a person without those impairments. Some people don’t have transport or don’t have a class that interests them available to them.

My point is, that when I have training I move Heaven and Earth to get there. Sometimes I’m tired or grumpy or achy but I always think you don’t know how long this will last you need to make the most of every session. I just wanted to share that.

Another thought that occurred to me today was that why does an interesting training session finish in a nanosecond when I have been in other dull sessions that drag on forever!!!! Doesn’t seem fair somehow.

Doctor Who may as well have come and visited and stuffed around with the time lines today because I would have sworn on bibles that our lesson lasted for five minutes but I looked at the clock at the finish and poor Alex had gone fifteen minutes over .

It was such a great lesson today. I felt so strong. I stuffed up a move. I was trying to do a backward roll and I missed the bar, Alex said go back the other way and I didn’t even panic I knew I had enough strength to hold my own weight and just go back the other way and that my friends is one of the sweetest feelings in the world. To be able to hold your own weight and feel comfortable in it is cool, very very cool.

Chantelle did a move that we’re calling the Python. I really wished I had got it on video but I was so horrified by what she was doing that I couldn’t even move to help her. It was like she did it in slow motion. She did a drop and then kept going but slowly. So her legs were around the rope and then she released her arm and then her legs and kind of curled up on top of the mat below. It was amazing to watch. The freaky thing was that as she did it I was asking Alex what’s the escape clause in this move if you don’t catch your legs and she was saying as Chantelle was doing her Python no you’ll be fine because you’re hanging on with one arm.  It is very fortunate that Chantelle is as bendy as she is.

After witnessing the Python I went right off that particular move and then found any drops hard after that too. Chantelle got right back up and did it again so that was enough for me to suck it up and go otherwise I would have been regretting it on the drive home.

We did our routine on the triple trapeze and that was a lot of fun. Every now and again depending on the move Chantelle and I would meet on the trapeze and the first couple of times it scared the hell out of me. Normally when I do the routine I’m thinking about it so hard I forget everything else. So there I was concentrating hard on some move and then Chantelle’s face looms towards me as she does the same move on the other side of the trapeze. I nearly fell off my perch the first couple of times. It’s fun though doing the routine on the triple as opposed to two singles side by side.

In other news Circobats are having a fundraiser for their next fringe show. They will be doing their Mortal Sins Act and there will be a couple of other supporting acts. The tickets are ten dollars and that’s very cheap entertainment to see some extremely talented people. There are two sessions for this performance this Friday Night at 7.30 and Saturday at 5.30. You can get the details from their website or Facebook page and they also have raffle tickets with some speccy prizes.

Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you in the next blog.

Blog 8 Our First Ever School Holiday Session


So now it’s done and dusted and we can mark another first off the board. The South Australian School of Trapeze has held their first school holiday session. May I give an enormous thank you to the instructors, parents and participants who made it happen.

The instructors were wonderful. I had Kristin, Jess and Liam. Liam is a personal trainer, was called a lovely young man by one of our bystanders and is a good man to have around. Jessica runs her own circus school (Firefly Performing Arts) and brings organization, efficiency and fun to the team. Kristin has experience working with young flyers and did a wonderful job up on the board with Jessica while Liam did the lines. I truly count myself blessed to have these people involved. They are also just a hoot and a half and make for a fun work environment so it’s pretty cool.

Our parents were amazing. They sat and watched their children for two hours. I saw them support their children if they were scared and cheer them on when they flew. Thanks parents you were fantastic!

The participants were pretty awesome too. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer first group to work with. I had ladder duty so I spent a lot of time with them. I heard them cheer each other on, be supportive and congratulate each other after they had flown. I saw children who were quite scared of doing something, pull themselves together, climb up that ladder and do the job and they were so proud of themselves afterwards. It was a real privilege to witness that.

I was exhausted by the end of the session and by going through this experience we have learned a lot of things that we can do to improve the experience next time. I’m so glad I did it and from the feedback we received it sounded like everyone involved enjoyed themselves. This was something that I created from an idea and it’s so cool to have an idea and bring it to life. We’re planning to do this again in the next school holidays and we may well run extra sessions to cater for the demand.

In other news I’m still trying to find out how many people would be interested in a weekly class, either Fridays or on the weekend. If this sounds like something that would appeal to you please let me know. If you are interested in our two hour introduction session please contact us via our face book page, our web page, our mobile number 0456738826 or our email sa.trapeze@gmail.com.

We do have something quite exciting coming up but it’s secret squirrel for the time being until we confirm it. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next blog.


Blog 18 Pace Yourself

Blog 18 Pace Yourself

After last week’s disappointing effort on the trapeze I went into training a little smarter this week. First I made sure I had my Nana nap before training, this is crucial for the chronologically challenged. Then I made sure I ate tea before going. I run out of time sometimes and I thought not tonight baby I need every bit of energy I can muster.

Then I positively bludged my way through the first hour of training and for a person that is as competitive as I am that’s actually quite a hard thing to do. Mm can I make being non competitive, competitive? I bludged more than the next person? I am the most successful bludger? You see I can compete at just about anything.

I’d like to send congratulations to Nick for doing full fin push ups I think that makes him and Alessandro the only two at the moment who can do that. Alex and Laura had some good success with the shrimp squat. Pete is becoming super bendy with his diagonal stretch.

Then trapeze time arrived and Nick said Trish do you want to do trapeze and I thought yes, I am pumped, psyched and ready to go. A sleep, some tea and a bludge makes all the difference in the world. I was positively hyper for our lesson. Didn’t make me any more proficient but at least I could keep up.

I love our new high trapezes. I tell you, you get up there and you just see the world although I do find doing some of our moves a little more scary now. I got to take the Nick elevator to the trapeze. People would pay for that trip. Just for a moment you have left Nick and haven’t arrived at the trapeze yet and for that moment you’re flying. It’s awesome.

Bianca did a very good impersonation of a crocodile when she demonstrated a foot lock to me and by golly when that girl locks she locks.I got to practice my no arm stuff and I really wanted to do that. It was an absolute rush even though I just did a little bubby one.

Nick showed me this crazy carousel move and since Jess put that idea into our heads I’ll be having words with her when we next meet up. I can’t say I enjoyed that one at all.

I discovered that I am absolutely rubbish at getting the trapeze to stop swinging so I guess that’s something to work on.

Thursday night I was stressed to the max. I contemplated not going to circus training and I thought whenever you have not gone to training you’ve regretted it. Get in the car, rock up and even if you sit out for the first bit of it while you get your shit together maybe you’ll get a good second half of training. So I rocked up and I practised my deep breaths all the way in so that by the time I got to training my stomach wasn’t raging such a protest. I nearly always feel stress in my stomach or my head. So I was able to do and enjoy all of the training and I forgot all about my stress for a couple of hours. Thank you Circus!

Highlights from Thursday, Alli can juggle really well now. Amanda has conquered the one hand juggle. Ryan did a two minute handstand OMG. Trish wanted to do a two minute handstand omg small case.

This is going to be my last blog for ZigZag because I am starting a new adventure with a flying trapeze rig and I want to blog about that. I’m already blogging for Hit Ball Australia and I just can’t do three. So thanks for reading and my next blog will be about The South Australian School of Trapeze also known as TSAST, pretty cool huh?

Allrighty that’s it for this week I’ll finish off with the pictures and please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag Circus has classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at Glenelg and in the city.


Mel looking pretty awesome


Bianca and Nick doing trapeze acrobatics?




I love this one


Just look at the concentration on some of their faces


I think this is Chantelle, very cool


You have to admit this is a happy picture




Blog 17 The Circus is in Town!

Bog 17 The Circus is in Town!

Monday night at circus was the night of the Queen’s birthday public holiday and I for one was completely stuffed after a very big weekend.

Pete decided that I should work on my acrobatic phobia which I thought might be nice if it was a voluntary thing. However after absolutely no support from my colleagues I completed one exercise that kept him happy for the time being.

Alessandro and Nick kept us entertained during our horse stances with a variety of dance moves they knew. Laura and I found this bordering on the educational.

Rosalie Decharme finished off her three days of workshops and people deservedly raved about her teaching.

Our static trapeze is now so high we have to climb up to get to it and I spent every day since the Saturday workshop looking forward to using it for trapeze practise. Like a kid who has not paced herself by the time I got to the trapeze part of the night I was stuffed and couldn’t do anything. I was so disappointed and I thought suck it up, the trapeze is permanent it will be here next week and then that trapeze and I have a date with the forceout move, some tempo work and some no arm stuff that Rosalie showed us that I really wanted to try.

A rather nice side benefit of belonging to a local circus is that the big circuses sometimes give us tickets to go and watch them. So I rocked up to training last Thursday night and was told Trishy you can go to the ball or in this case the circus. A big group of Zigzaggers got to go and see Totem and it was brilliant.

I loved everything about Totem. Tiny women on ridiculously tall unicycles balancing and catching metal bowls on their heads. One of these woman threw the bowls without even looking where she was throwing them and the catchers were just in the right spot it was amazing. There were men throwing themselves around this climbing frame at a breath taking speed. A roller skating sequence that I couldn’t believe. A beautiful trapeze act and don’t forget the juggler oh and of course the ring girl. There were heaps of other brilliant acts too it’s a great show. I keep trying to practise a handstand with my legs in a stag position because it’s just so darn pretty.

It was great to sit with circus people at Totem and listen to them comment about the acts. I got an insight into the performances that I wouldn’t have had without them. The performances themselves were just so spectacular. I was like where are the mats? Where are the spotters? I wanted to get up and do the spotting myself. I also now need a mirror suit all because of Totem.

Thursday night training was a heap of fun. I was keen to bust out some moves from Totem and I got to harangue Alessandro with questions like, “how did they do that?” That question specifically was because of the juggler they had and I was given a physics lesson and learned about centrifugal force. If that is how he did it then so be it but it looked like magic to me. It’s a great act.

Alli gave Amanda and I a lesson on the bars which was very kind of her. Alli is fantastic on the bars and just a little bit fearless which is Trish speak for  completely fearless. It was really interesting to see someone you think you know in a whole new element and you see them totally differently. I watched her as she did this amazing one bar to the next move and I thought wow! If I could do that I would have the fattest head in the world and you meet Alli and she’s lovely and unassuming, it was a revelationary night.

I learned something new on the rings too Thursday night. The Totem ring girl was made of muscle. Some people didn’t like it but I really did so when I was getting a little tired on the rings I kept thinking about the amazing things that girl was doing in the show and I kept going. I want to grow up to be just like her.

Anyhoo she did this skin the cat where she went all the way round. Now when I do the skin the cat exercise I always go around as far as I can and then get back again. Alessandro or Nick are always saying go further go further and I think if I do my arms will twist off. The Totem girl did it so I thought mm. I asked Alessandro Thursday night can I see how far I can go and what happens. Sure he says. So I do it and I go further than normal and then I just drop at the end and my arms don’t snap off and I’ve had this uber uber stretch and I can work on coming back from that far. I felt like I’d made a major jump ahead on my rings work. Thanks Totem girl. I looked her up by the way her name is Alevtyna Titarenko and she’s amazing.

Allrighty that’s it for this week I’ll finish off with the pictures and please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag Circus has classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at Glenelg and in the city.



Rosalie’s workshop, Rosalie is a brilliant teacher and a very funny person.


Air Mermaid


Our circus going to the circus.


Beautiful Bianca


Nick doing the Crucifix.

Bog 16 What a Week it Was!

Well what a week it was at Zig Zag circus. Monday night I got my elbow to toe stretch and Lily did a very nice one legged  squat and I can’t remember now if she did the dragon squat or the shrimp squat. Both are extremely difficult so it was pretty impressive whichever one she did.

I’m working on getting my shoulder to touch the ground from the squat position. I reckon if I could just get someone to sit on my back without breaking me I’d have it. Until then I shall whittle away at it each week.

We did our handstands and cartwheels from a tilting forward position and it gives you a lot more momentum in your handstand. It’s like it’s easier to get where you want to be.

I had a go at doing birds nest on the ropes for trapeze and I was really surprised that I can hold my own weight up there to do it. That was cool. I was shown my first drop and I managed to completely stuff it up but it was pretty cool to try and I’ll look forward to doing that again. It’s a funny mind shift because most of the time I’m hanging on to the trapeze as much as humanly possible. To deliberately let go and drop is a little freaky.

Thursday night I got to watch Kurt and Natalie practise their routine for the showcase and it was just beautiful. It was almost relaxing to watch them, they were graceful and strong and elegant. I also felt privileged that I could watch their practise. That shows the environment we have at ZigZag.  People are comfortable sharing knowledge, asking for help and showing people stuff before they’re a hundred percent finished with it. I think that is one of my favourite things about training with this group. I also got to do some work on the rings Thursday night and I love the rings.

On Saturday night a few of us did a workshop with Rosalie Decharme which was just brilliant. Rosalie has performed with Cirque Soleil and now helps them with training. That woman is so talented and such a good teacher and that’s the balance you want. The most talented person in the world is of a limited benefit if they can’t convey to you how they got there. It was also great fun and let me say that one more time, great fun, to see two of our trainers get trained. Rosalie was directing them to “kick more”, and to “stop that trapeze swinging quicker”. Mmm I thought do you guys remember the world of the student? Especially as she was heaps harder on the trainers  than the rest of us. I did this tiny little thing, great work Rosalie says just work on this bit a bit more. Our poor trainers get up there, they just about do a Cirque Soleil performance and Rosalie is all, is that the best you got?

I hope I don’t come across as too shallow here but Rosalie has the most beautiful lats I have ever seen, they were awesome. When her arms were down you would have no idea the moment she grabbed the trapeze wow!

We learned some cool things and some practical things in that workshop and I’m very glad I went. I plan to try them out in our next Monday training session. ZigZag put up two more trapezes for the workshop and they were higher than I am used to. I had to learn how to climb a silk to get up there the only other way was using a Nick elevator which was a bit of a rush as he propels you upward and you’re thinking whatever you do grab the bar. I had a lot of fun being so much higher than we normally are, it’s like perching up there and looking at the world down below. Maybe I was a bird in a previous life? Until trapeze if I compared myself to an animal I would pick the Clydesdale I don’t feel like that on the trapeze.

And now drum roll please as I present our photos for this week. You need to go onto the ZigZag page to see all of the videos they’re well worth a look.


Chris being awesome at aerials.


Beautiful acrobatics.


Alli took my picture and Liam called me a beast, both of these things made me very happy.


Elbow to toe – Woo Hoo

Allrighty that’s it for this week. Please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag Circus has classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at Glenelg and in the city. They also run, from time to time, some very cool workshops.

Blog 15 Way Way Way Out of My Comfort Zone

Bog 15 Way Way Way Out of My Comfort Zone

Thursday night took me so far out of my comfort zone that I needed a map, a compass and a passport to get back into it. However let’s talk about Monday first. Monday night at circus was a lot of fun. We did a bit of strength work in the first half of training and I always enjoy that. We worked on the rings for ten seconds at a time and you wouldn’t believe how long ten seconds can feel when you’re trying to hold your own weight. First we had to hold ourselves above the rings and if anyone could they could start to move their arms outwards. I used up my whole ten seconds just trying to stay up there. Then we had to hold our weight underneath the rings in false grip and if we could, lower yourself down and then up again. I spent my time just hanging on. You really needed at least one go to get to grips with the move (and yes I meant that pun) and then the next two shots were a little less tricky. Part of these moves are strength and part are balance. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a man doing the Iron Cross on rings but it’s gorgeous to look at. I love the rings. I don’t know if I could ever get an Iron Cross but this is one of the exercises that I would just enjoy just doing the progression towards. Nick showed a very black sense of humour about last week’s crash and you may recall that I was seriously considering taking up knitting rather than go back to trapeze. I did think though that I would like to have another go because otherwise I would always be thinking what other tricks could Nick have shown me. We tackled what I was nervous about first and we did the hold Nick trick. We decided before we started that if I got into trouble I would yell out down and Nick would get off. We’ve discussed this before but I just needed to hear it again to get my confidence up. So I got into catcher’s hold, I took hold of Nick, he went into pike and everything was sweet. Nick reckons that last week I was tired from the flying trapeze adventure and now everything was back to normal. Just imagine I could have left and not come back, brr it gives me chills to think about it. My reward from the Universe for doing this was to do a really speccy partner thing with Nick that I don’t think I could even describe. I’ll try. We started in the Escher then I climbed up onto Nick and then sat in front of him then slid down him and then my feet were behind me and that’s where I get lost. We did it twice. I have no idea what happened but it was a lot of fun. But wait there’s more. Nick snuck my old nemesis in, the Crucifix. At this point I thought he’s not going to let it go just go through the motions he’ll know you tried and you can move on. So I went through the motions completely expecting to slide through like I have every time and then suddenly I was there. I had the Crucifix, HUZZAH! I was so happy I did a happy dance and bought myself and ate a whole box of malteasers on the way home. 11375183_385244735007993_1867105999_n[1] The Crucifix had arrived and no-one was more surprised than myself. But that’s not all. We finished off a very successful trapeze session with improvements in my knee hangs so I left a very happy camper. Thursday night the place was ridiculously packed. We had to keep moving to make room for each group’s activity and that was a challenge. By the time we had moved three times during our juggling session we had an on the spot warm up because there was nowhere we could play a game. It’s surprising how warm you can get just by jumping up and down, running on the spot and doing jumping jacks. You can even get your poor brain completely overhauled when your trainer keeps calling out alternate arms while you’re jumping with your legs. I left my comfort zone when Alessandro decided we should all do acro balance. Ryan Alli and Amanda were like bloody mountain goats leaping on one another and keeping their balance. I on the other hand am more like a Clydesdale and Clydesdales should not be climbing onto other people. Don’t get me wrong I love watching acro stuff, they do this table top thing which I thought was brilliant and I joined in on the staircase thing, but acro balance is not for me. At least now I have an idea of what is involved with acro balance and that does increase my enjoyment of watching it, however the next time someone even says acro balance in front of me I’ll be heading for the hills. 11116984_630719163729976_99767955_n[1] The Staircase. Allrighty it’s over to rest of the pictures. Please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag circus has classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at Point A and Glengowrie YMCA. May I present amazing aerialists! 11311988_1590948204501303_400525372_n[1] The equally amazing Nick! 11348193_994170627259792_1078245767_n[1] A 1000 likes for the ZigZag facebook page that was cool. 11356855_759981230767380_1450305781_n[1] Acrobatic Madness 11351193_509705249183184_2690971255297462030_n And finally I give you Lyra at Point A Da Dah!!! 11287817_1431005383875433_1439615739_n[1] 11357000_641814482624980_1480632515_n[1]

Blog 14 More Trapeze Please

I would like to give a little bit of space in this blog to another circus company this week. Normally I just rave about how wonderful the Zigzag circus is, (training at Glengowrie YMCA and Point A Adelaide Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) but I crossed the border on Sunday and I want to share.

I went to the Fly Factory at Blackburn in Victoria. They run a flying trapeze experience and because I had come so far just to do the flying trapeze I thought I’ll do the morning and afternoon sessions. I am now resolved to the fact that South Australia needs it’s own flying trapeze. My goodness I can’t remember when I have felt so alive. Ok I’ll start at the start.

If you do the experience they have heaps of safety precautions and I mean heaps and I think that was part of why I was so happy to leap off that platform each time, well not the first time. The first time I was flat out terrified. The second time I was quite terrified. The third time nervous but ok. The fourth time I’m moving to Victoria.

The experience lasts for two hours and you feel like it lasts for five minutes. The instructors have a comedy routine that entertains you as well as teaches you and I cannot believe their program. I thought tops I would get a swing and I would have gone home happy but noooo you get much much much more than that. Did I say much much?

You swing, you get your feet up on the bar you release the bar are you saying omg yet? You do a backward somersault and now I hope you’re sitting down when you read this, a raw raw raw beginner first time gets to be caught. I couldn’t believe it. I thought they were joking. But they teach you the moves and you do it and I am now a complete absolute trapeze addict.

For the second session I was absolutely prepared to just do the same stuff again and maybe not be so terrified this time but they bumped me up. I got to try some new stuff because I had done the first session how cool is that? I felt very spesh. If you go to Melbourne you would be insane not to try this. Fly Factory you are awesome. Wow. Watch this space South Aus is getting a flying trapeze.

So for Monday night training I was all flying trapeze this and flying trapeze that and everyone very kindly listened to me and watched my phone video of getting caught. I must have watched it a 100 times. This prompted Alessandro to share a very funny story about his time at the Moscow Circus school, and it involved a circus swing which he had to operate in a double story facility. Since he did the actions too it was a pretty funny story and I could really visualise him swinging past people trying to get to the upper level of this building.

Peter showed me a different way to backward roll but I still don’t care for them. Lily did a beautiful handstand completely unassisted and nup I’m not jealous at all. Alessandro played with knives and there’s a very cool video of him on the ZigZag facebook page. He’s swinging knives and the music from the Black Keys, Chop and Change is perfect for it, Liam said after watching the video this is why we never argue with Alessandro and Bianca said he looked hard core. Then it was time for trapeze.

I knew I was tired after my big weekend and that’s why I wanted to lift Nick before I did anything else because I figured I would have more energy than if we did it later. I’m trying to hold him for ten seconds so he can do a trick while I’m holding him. It will look awesome if we can do it. I knew maybe four seconds in I was in trouble. I jumbled my words, I think because I may have panicked a little, and I was trying to get out of this hold as quickly as possible. I must have shut my eyes because everything felt slow and when I opened them Nick and I were on the mat, the acrobats and the aerialists who had been working one mat over had come round and formed a circle around us and Alessandro was there too. I was most impressed by the speed of the response. People asked me if I was all right and I thought you’d be better off asking Nick as I nearly killed him again. Nick explained what the heck just happened.

He said you let go of me but I didn’t let go of you. I lowered you down and moved you to the side so all you hit was my hip. Now you’d have to say that’s pretty cool. He was in the middle of a move and he’s got enough mental wherewithal to save himself and save me. I think that’s impressive. I have some very speccy bruises now and I wish I could post a picture of them because I’m wearing them like a badge of honour but I don’t think my pins are camera friendly. Nick said now that you’ve fallen you can see it’s not a big deal. He’s right but I found it very disconcerting to be up there on the swing one moment and down there on the mat the next. I didn’t care for falling off the trapeze or dropping Nick much and I was tempted to go home and take up knitting but I thought finish the evening and then go home and have a think about it.

I told Nick that I did his cool flip off thing on the flying trapeze and he said you can do it here. I hung upside down on the trapeze, he held my hands and said legs off and wallah I did the cool flip off thing. That made me happy. We also did foot hangs and elbow hangs and I love that stuff but I do find it pretty ouchy.

I’m four pages in and I haven’t even done photos yet so I’m just going to say Thursday night training was brilliant. I really enjoyed this back flip land on your feet thing we did. I didn’t achieve the move but at least I can practise it now.

Allrighty it’s over to the pictures. Please come and join us if you’d like to. Zig Zag circus has classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at Glenelg and in the city.

At Glengowrie YMCA and Point A in the city those acrobats are unstoppable.

10313395_10205904306707332_7990665985174252033_n        11329971_10205904307067341_2118813994573285816_n


These are some very rare pictures of an air mermaid, you won’t see these anywhere else!

11167701_818452204898247_3574363253837167131_n[1] 11260836_818452081564926_5380794038894998410_n[1]  11041684_818448891565245_4227471140208039948_n[1]

Finally the apparently (thank goodness) unkillable Nick!