Blog 8 Our First Ever School Holiday Session


So now it’s done and dusted and we can mark another first off the board. The South Australian School of Trapeze has held their first school holiday session. May I give an enormous thank you to the instructors, parents and participants who made it happen.

The instructors were wonderful. I had Kristin, Jess and Liam. Liam is a personal trainer, was called a lovely young man by one of our bystanders and is a good man to have around. Jessica runs her own circus school (Firefly Performing Arts) and brings organization, efficiency and fun to the team. Kristin has experience working with young flyers and did a wonderful job up on the board with Jessica while Liam did the lines. I truly count myself blessed to have these people involved. They are also just a hoot and a half and make for a fun work environment so it’s pretty cool.

Our parents were amazing. They sat and watched their children for two hours. I saw them support their children if they were scared and cheer them on when they flew. Thanks parents you were fantastic!

The participants were pretty awesome too. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer first group to work with. I had ladder duty so I spent a lot of time with them. I heard them cheer each other on, be supportive and congratulate each other after they had flown. I saw children who were quite scared of doing something, pull themselves together, climb up that ladder and do the job and they were so proud of themselves afterwards. It was a real privilege to witness that.

I was exhausted by the end of the session and by going through this experience we have learned a lot of things that we can do to improve the experience next time. I’m so glad I did it and from the feedback we received it sounded like everyone involved enjoyed themselves. This was something that I created from an idea and it’s so cool to have an idea and bring it to life. We’re planning to do this again in the next school holidays and we may well run extra sessions to cater for the demand.

In other news I’m still trying to find out how many people would be interested in a weekly class, either Fridays or on the weekend. If this sounds like something that would appeal to you please let me know. If you are interested in our two hour introduction session please contact us via our face book page, our web page, our mobile number 0456738826 or our email

We do have something quite exciting coming up but it’s secret squirrel for the time being until we confirm it. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next blog.



Blog 6 We Put Smiles on People’s Faces


If you had a job or you owned a business that put smiles on people’s faces you’d be pretty happy wouldn’t you? Our Flying Trapeze business puts smiles on people’s faces it’s very cool.

On Sunday when we were running a session I watched people as they finished their first swing and then went back to tell their friends about it who were waiting in line for their go and these people had enormous smiles on their faces. I thought I have put something in South Australia that has made people happy and that makes me happy.

We have a new instructor in training so a big congratulations go out to Andrew. He has a rock climbing back ground and is monkey strong so I think he’ll fit in well.

I need to send an apology out to poor Liam who brought a bun for us all to eat after the session and I just about ate it all. I have it on my list to buy the bun for the next time I see him. It was one of those pull apart super soft things with icing and it was more than this little camper could resist.

Jessica has made us a web site and it’s great. I love the way she’s laid things out and the colours and the fonts. It’s got a carny feel to it and it’s brilliant. Go check it out at Thanks Jessica.

The school holiday day is going great guns. I have about three spaces left. So if you’re interested please get in contact.

I’m also starting to look at how I can run a weekly class for people who want to come along, get fit and be shown how to do flying trapeze. They would learn everything from flying, the board, doing the lines and eventually catching. If you would be interested in a weekly class please get in touch via the contact details below. At this stage I’m thinking of running a class 11.00 oclock Fridays weather permitting.

If you would like to come along and learn how to fly either as a class or a two hour introduction session please contact us via our face book page, or our mobile number 0456738826 or our email

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next blog.

Blog 5 Kurt’s Fundraiser


My friend Kurt is off to France to perform a show he was in for the Fringe. It’s a real honour to be asked to go and the performers need to fund their own travel. Kurt is quite the entrepreneur at times and he organized a group of friends to fly at a discounted price to raise funds for the trip. We ended up today with a class of eleven people and they were a lot of fun.

The weather was a touch cold and I think I need to investigate buying some work hoodies. The rain and the wind stayed off though and it looked like everyone had a ball.

Alli’s son came and while she worked he just kept himself amused he is such a trooper. I wanted to have a workplace where people could bring their children because I’ve seen a lot of women stop training when they have children because they can’t find anyone to mind them or child care costs too much. Oliver went from adult to adult with everyone being charmed by him. At one point Nick was watching the knee hangs and he just stood there holding Oliver’s hand and Oliver was happy just to stand there with him, it was lovely.

Oliver showed me what he can do on the practice bar and I kid you not this two year old can hang from the bar. I was spotting him so he was completely safe but he just did it over and over. I couldn’t believe his strength. He’s going to be a circus performer when he’s older I’ll put money on it. He even helped pack up at the end of the day. I’m going to have to put him on salary. At the very least I should get him a shirt.

It was such a lovely day. Our 26th of June spot has filled up but if you would like to come and fly please contact us and we can organise a session for you.

I mentioned last week that we’re going to run our first school holiday program. This program is a modified one from the general public one and is designed for children. We will run it on Tuesday the 12th of July. Spaces are starting to fill so if you’re interested please get in contact. If you would like to come along and learn how to fly please contact us via our face book page, or our mobile number 0456738826 or our email


Blog 4 We Start Them Young at TSAST


The weather was beautiful for flying today. Jessica came back after a big absence and it was like she’d never been away. She worked on her hocks off trick and it looked beautiful.

Both Jessica and Alli had brought their children who are five and two respectively. Alli talked about how when they are older we can give them pocket money to help around the property and they are already helping with the set up and the pack down.

When we had all had a go Amelia Jessica’s daughter had a go and that girl ran to the ladder. Today she was hanging from her knees, it was amazing. Wave to Mummy Nick says while she’s hanging in the air and wave Amelia does.

Alli said look at Oliver he is so jealous. I thought at two years old? No way. Two year old Oliver then goes and puts a belt on and I thought uh oh. We all had a go at saying, when you’re bigger, Amelia is five and you are two but there were tears and hugs and Alli said does this remind you of how miserable you were when you couldn’t fly and I thought yes Ollie I totally feel your pain. Anyhoo Nick says does the belt fit? I test it, Alli tests it and yes the belt fits. So he and Alli come up with a way that Oliver stands in the net with the safety lines and gets raised up and has a swing. He’s laughing and telling Nick to go faster and it was brilliant. He and Amelia were highlights of the session.

In other news we are running a public session on the 26th of June at 11 am. If you would like to come and fly with us you would be very welcome. Please get in touch via the contact details below.

We’re going to run our first school holiday program. This program is a modified one from the general public one and is designed for children. We will run it on Tuesday the 12th of July. Spaces are starting to fill so if you’re interested please get in contact. If you would like to come along and learn how to fly please contact us via our face book page, or our mobile number 0456738826 or our email

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next blog.


Blog 3 Laura from the Bunyip came to visit



We didn’t get to fly today because of the stoopid rain but we had a reporter come to visit from The Bunyip and that was a lot of fun. Laura from the Bunyip was a lovely person and she is obviously in the right job because she asked questions that just made me want to talk and talk about Venus and her history and the people involved with her and our future plans.

Nick very kindly came along to help out with the interview and he managed to get a few words in while I took a breath. Listening to him talk to Laura reminded me of his accomplishment. He has managed to train a team of flying trapeze instructors from scratch. I wonder if anyone has done that before. Normally you would come into a school with trained staff and have one new person to train up but he trained all the instructors at the same time many of whom had no flying trapeze experience before. That’s pretty impressive.

When I could talk no more we went outside to take some photos and at least the rain held off for us to do that. This part was a lot of fun too because Nick came up with some fun camera poses. We did some cheesy stuff and then we went on the board for some photos and that is the first time I’ve been up there without a net. I didn’t want to show Laura that I was terrified but I will be most interested to see what my smile looks like in the photos because the smile felt pretty tense. I was so careful not to take a wrong step and not to bump into Nick either. So thank you Laura you were great to work with.

In other news I’m hoping to get our first school holiday program going. I’ve had a good response from people who follow the TSAST face book page so fingers crossed it works out. If you’re in Adelaide over the next school holidays we will be running this on Tuesday the 12th of July. Contact me on the page if you are interested.

We are still running regular sessions when the rain doesn’t get in the way. Our next session is on the 19th of June so please get in touch with us if you would like to come along. You can do this via our face book page, or our mobile number 0456738826 or our email

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next blog.

Blog 2 It’s All About Working Together


Blog 2 It’s All About Working Together

We had a great day of flying today. James obviously made the appropriate sacrifice to Thor because the weather held long enough for us to have a really good session on Venus our flying trapeze rig. We flew until we could fly no more and that is just perfect. It’s always a shame when you have to stop before you are ready to. My idea of bliss is to fly until you are ready to drop and that’s what we did today.

Today was an opportunity to consolidate what we had learnt previously, so there was lots of time just to do the same activity over and over until you felt like you either had it down or could do it no more.

There was also time to just try some purely fun stuff. Nick suggested Alli try stepping on the first riser when she took off from the board. Mmm I thought that’s new, I fancy that. So I had a go at leaving from the riser rather than the board itself and that teeny tiny bit of height difference makes you go heaps faster. I thought to myself I have a new favourite thing. James who was on the board at the time was unimpressed by my launch and suggested I get the take off better before using the riser again but my goodness did I love it.

James was honing his craft and it all looked pretty good to me. Nick had a couple of goes at life from the flyer’s point of view rather than the catcher. He also did a very speccy drop from the cradle which I’ll put on my to do list for the future.

Alli demonstrated uber multi skilling abilities by talking to her son down on the ground and then launching off the board to do a speccy trick and I thought it’s impressive she can do both roles at the same time. She did some beautiful turn around stuff and getting back on the board.

I got to do the lines while Alli worked on returning from a catch with Nick and this is where the title of this blog comes from. James was up on the board coaching. I was on lines, Alli was flying Nick was catching. For the trick to work we all had to be on the same page and have the right timing. I found it terrifying to watch Alli up there, leaving Nick’s grip turning and heading back for the bar. I was tempted to say no I can’t do the lines for this but I persevered and we all had to communicate well for it to work. James told Alli what she needed to do and what she needed to communicate to me and to Nick. Alli told me what she needed me to do with the lines and then I had James and Nick coaching me on the lines too. It was terrifying but when it worked, when Alli went flying through the air and Nick caught her and then she turned round and I had done the lines good enough for her to get caught it was magical. We had all worked together to make it happen. Flying Trapeze is team work.

I got to work on my “Whip” which after three goes was showing a little improvement. For the first two goes when I fumbled it I had the amazing sensation of falling when I headed for the net. There is just long enough for you to have that feeling of falling and I loved it. You’re in the air and it’s amazing. I know you’re not supposed to fall but I love the feeling.

Nick demonstrated some psychic ability by suggesting the exact right time we start the pack up. Just as I was taking down our sign, one of the last jobs, the rain hit. It was perfect timing.

If you would like to come and try our flying trapeze you would be very welcome. Currently we run sessions on Saturdays and Sundays and you can contact us through our face book page, or our mobile number 0456738826 or our email

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next blog.

2016 Blog 1 Thor Seems to be Pissed


I cannot believe that it’s been a year since I went to Melbourne and tried the Fly Factory’s flying trapeze. In that time we have organised a flying trapeze to be built in South Australia and we have started a business showing other people how fantastic the flying trapeze is. Very cool stuff and I want to get back to blogging about it. It’s been ages since I’ve written a blog about our beloved Venus.

We started operating in January and just today we ran a session for one of our instructor’s acrobatic friends. These people were a lot of fun, they were adventurous and up for just about any challenge. As well as acrobats we had a couple of contortionists and one equestrian vaulter. These were people who were not afraid to try new things. The instructors for the day was Nick doing the lines and overseeing everything, James did the board, I looked after the ladder and waivers and did the meet and greet. Liam handled the practice bar and subbed out other people.

We had done these work sessions a few times now and it was all very smooth and very stream lined. The one bugger about the whole day was that James our Viking pagan instructor who had invited his acrobatic comrades to come had forgotten to provide the appropriate sacrifice to Thor. This meant that Thor got a little tetchy and sent a storm our way.

Fortunately we started early so people got a few swings in before trees started to fall in neighbouring gardens and we decided to pack up.

We’re going to reschedule this group because it was too windy to do catches with them. One day I will have saved enough money to buy a very large shed to house Venus in and then Thor can do what he likes, we will fly rain hail or shine.

After rain stopped play we still managed to have a little fun juggling clubs, balls and bean bags. I guess rain stopping play is something we are going to have to contend with as part of running an outside rig at least during the colder months.

If you would like to come and try our flying trapeze you would be very welcome. Currently we run sessions on Saturdays and Sundays and you can contact us through our face book page, or our mobile number 0456738826 or our email

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next blog.

Blog 19 It’s All Coming Together




Blog 19 It’s All Coming Together

Opening day is coming up so quickly. Thank you to Nick for hours of help with our new letterhead, invites to our Opening day and our information flyer. Thank you to Alli and Jessica for helping me get my business name registration done. Talk about the house that Jack built. Once I had that pesky thing I could go and get a bank account for TSAST and a phone and the most beautiful diary anyone has ever clapped eyes on. We are open for business from January the 16th! OMG the crowd roars, it’s really happening.
We are going to run our sessions on Saturday mornings for the time being unless demand outweighs supply and then we will increase the number of sessions available. We will ask you to pay $70 for a two hour session and once that money is received I will send you a waiver that you will need to complete, sign and bring with you when you arrive for your session.
I recommend you bring loose comfortable clothes and you won’t be able to wear shoes on the trapeze so wear footwear that is easy to get on and off. Bring a water bottle, we can refill it here and if it’s hot bring sun cream but I also keep a supply here. If the weather is going to be really warm I would recommend you call first in case we need to reschedule.
It’s not just members of the public that we cater for. We can run sessions for circus schools, primary and high schools, youth groups and corporate clients. We can do birthdays, hen’s nights, stag nights and any other group occasion you can think of. If you are able to fill a session with 8 people or more we can offer you a discounted rate where you will only pay $50 per person. So what are you waiting for? Have you noticed that this blog is a complete spruik?
Our contact number is 04567 38826
Our email is
Please bear in mind I’m still working so that phone will only be answered out of regular working hours but you can also contact us on our Face book page.
So if you have always wanted to try the flying trapeze or if you have done it and loved it and want to do it again now is the time. I am so excited
Thank you for reading if you want to see more pop over to our TSAST face book page just look up The South Australian School of Trapeze.



Blog 18 Alli Has Arrived



I had got it into my head that I was now ready to set up the net. If someone had plugged me into a lie detector I would have passed when they asked me Trish are you ready to set up the net? So it came as a very great surprise when I discovered today that no I wasn’t ready to set up the net just yet.

I’d been toying with the idea of setting everything up and what a wonderful surprise that would be for the team when they arrived. I did recall though that Nick had said he was going to pick a person as team leader and get them to organise the team into setting up the net so I thought I won’t get in the way of that.

Anyhoo the team arrived and Alli got picked to be team leader. I went off to set up my one bit of the net set up and I stuffed it up. Then I went and did another bit of the net set up and stuffed that up too. I was flabbergasted, I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that I knew what I was doing. It’s quite sobering when reality doesn’t match what’s in your head. I was very grateful Alli came round to check.

Alli was a great team leader. She organised people, she did a lot of the set up herself so she wasn’t  just standing there bossing people and she was lovely when I made my two mistakes. That’s a gift if you can correct a person and not make them feel any worse than they already do. She and Nick can do that. I am grateful for the people I work with and I was totally thinking that I could set up the net by myself and have a play and now I’m thinking I might just make sure someone else is there for the time being.

We had a good turn out today and as soon as I heard that James was coming I knew catching would be on the cards. Apart from turning around and flying without the lines and not buggering up setting up the net there is nothing I like more than catching.

We all worked on our hocks off move and it’s really hard to land properly in the net. I’m not going to be able to get that ticked off just yet. It did look like everyone was continuing to progress. Danielle did the board and did a great job and I think Jessica did her first catch. Sarah is improving with every swing so all up a good day was had by all.

I’ve got some goals for next week. I’m going to master those lines. I’m going to make them mine and if it doesn’t happen next week it’s going to be the next week or the week after that but it’s going to happen.

We got a treat right at the end of training. We got to climb up to the catcher’s bar and swing and start to learn how to be a catcher. This was ridiculous fun to do and to be a catcher will be a supremely awesome thing.

Our opening day is coming up ridiculously soon. I’m off to buy a business phone this week so that potential customers can ring me to book sessions. I’m also going to monitor the TSAST email better than I have been in case people are trying to get in touch that way. I shall be a busy little bee for the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for reading if you want to see more pop over to our TSAST face book page just look up The South Australian School of Trapeze.  You should be able to see Jessica’s catch this week. I’m so proud of her.

Thank you Nick for your awesome training and thank you TSAST team members for working so well together. Congratulations Alli on doing such a good job as team leader.