Blog 7 Love Will Find A Way


Hey I know it’s a cheesey title but it fits it really really fits.

A word from Winston Churchill: “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.’  When you love something, when you adore it, you cannot rest until you have made it happen and that is how I feel about trapeze.

It’s been a crazy week but it finished in the best possible way that it could. However let us start at the start. It’s report time at school. This means our workload goes up exponentially and because teachers need time to write their reports a hardy individual such as yours truly can gain some extra days of work as well as writing her own reports. Every year I tell myself to start writing the reports earlier but it doesn’t happen. Mind you after this week? Term Four reports? I’m on it. Check back with me to see if I am true to my word.

So I’ve been working some extra days which impacted on Muscle Up club. My wonderful team allowed me to change the training day from Friday to Monday and Monday’s session was fantastic. I felt like I could take on the world. The friggin ring dip is coming. I know it’s coming. Sam can see it, I can feel it, it just hasn’t arrived yet. In case you are wondering the ring dip is a precursor to the muscle up but that is not what has me obsessed at the moment.

My current craziness all started when my pole teacher happened to mention during one of our classes that she had played on a trapeze. The moment she said the word ‘trapeze’, my ears pricked up and my heart gave a lurch. Oh Trapeze, I thought, there’s a lost love. I made some enquiries about where the lessons were happening but at that point it didn’t look like it would work out. However, the flame had been lit. I thought my trapeze fire was out, but apparently there were embers still burning away and I realised that me and trapeze still had unfinished business.

I can’t remember quite how I got the idea but I thought I still have a trapeze bar from the flying trapeze. I have some slings and some mats, I wonder if I could set it up either at home or at gym. I have started to enquire about an outside mini rig that I could put a trapeze on. I’ve ordered a static trapeze and I can talk about that trapeze like other people talk about their cars. I actually spent more time getting the exact trapeze I wanted than any other purchase I’ve made. I can tell you the colour of her ropes, how long the ropes are, the colour of the bar, the fact that I have pegs either side so I can use her as a double. I may well name her you know. The kicker is the man who is making my trapeze lives down the road and he is a rigger. I thought how did I not know this when I needed a rigger for the flying trapeze!

Sam the man who owns my gym is gorgeous and he said I could set up the trapeze there as long as we were safe, so during the one minute rests between muscle up sets on Monday I was showing him the practice bar. She isn’t as pretty as the one I have ordered but she will do until that one arrives. I brought the mats and slings in on Tuesday. Then instead of me getting to play on it I took the ‘adult’ path which is always, always, always, the suckiest path and I stayed home and wrote school reports. Other people at the gym played and I stayed home and worked. Suck it up Trishy.

Friday came around. I did muscle up club while staring longingly at the trapeze and then went home and I spent all day writing reports with the carrot of an open gym training session in the afternoon and I would get trapeze then. I finished the reports at three thirty and I would need to leave for the gym at 4.00. At a quarter to four while feeding the donkeys and horse I remembered I had to do the second de-licing on one of the donkeys and he was already in the big, hard to catch them paddock, not the little easy one. 45 minutes I spent running around that paddock trying to catch that bugger and I knew there would be no trapeze for Trishy that day.

On a side night it looks like after Friday’s acro class that if I put the teeniest effort in I would have my handstand so I should probably be giving that a little bit of work.

Saturday rolled around and I was taking no chances. I got up at bloody dawn and walked those dogs so that when they gave me the sad face when I left for gym I put up my hand and I said ‘don’t even!”

Got some sad news on the way to gym and gym as always was my therapy. It was like while I am in the car on the way to gym I can be as sad as I like and then when I get out, I shake it off and say it’s gym time and I put my burdens down for an hour or two. I can’t recommend this enough. It doesn’t solve your problems but it makes your problems easier to bear.

Gym was fantastic. We have one girl who just makes jokes and she cracks me up. She’s worth coming all by herself. We have another woman who doesn’t take shit from anybody and her caustic asides have me in hysterics. We have the gym coach who tries to get everyone organized and it’s like herding cats and I think to myself yes, this is my happy place. They also did one of my favourite types of workouts where I can just get myself set up and off I go, so I loved that. But wait there’s more.

At the end of the session when most people had gone home I found myself with a small group of people beside the trapeze. The beautifully set up with a mat underneath trapeze. All of a sudden I was in Heaven. We took turns and we all had a play and moves that I had forgotten came back. All of a sudden I was back doing trapeze with people I liked.

So here’s the thing. Things that you love may not be over. They may be sleeping, or working away in the back ground. I actually think that I am going to get that flying trapeze resurrected one way or the other. I feel like the universe is poking and prodding me in certain directions. I just don’t feel like the chapter is closed.

So the end of my week is me back on static trapeze. My beautiful, beautiful trapeze. I am not dependent on anyone to do it. I don’t have to wait and see if someone wants to give me a lesson, it’s just me and the trapeze. Thank you Universe, you have been very kind this week.

So that was the week that was. Thank you for reading, catch you next week.




Blog 6 Milestone Gifts


I have set myself some big goals. There’s nothing new in that, when I still smoked I knew I wanted to run four marathons in two years and I did it, damn near killed me but I did it. My current goals are a ring muscle up at the gym and an Iron X at Pole. What I am discovering is that on the way to these hefty goals there are milestones that are gifts in and of themselves.

When I said that I wanted a ring muscle up I had no idea what I would need physically to achieve this goal. I made this goal in January. It’s June now, (where the heck is this year going?) and these six months have taught me what I need to achieve this goal.

I need to be able to do ten strict pull ups. I’m currently on five and I have never been able to do that much before setting the muscle up goal. This makes me very happy.

I need to be able to do a ring dip. In January I could barely hold myself up on the rings. Now I can lower myself down aaaand (drum roll please) I am starting to be able to do the lift part of the dip. My coach saw me do this during our Friday Muscle Up club so I know I am not imagining it. It is an amazing feeling to know that you are progressing towards your goal. Something else about this fascinates me. There is no doubt that I am getting stronger, so this whole thing about as we age we get weaker, I’m starting to have my doubts. Maybe people are getting weaker because they are stopping their activities. I am getting stronger, I’m just going to keep saying that because again, it makes me very happy.

I’ve had to do push ups to get stronger so now I can do six proper push ups before I could barely do one. It’s all very cool people, very cool indeed.

I can now see muscles in my arms and my back, that were not there before, this is a side benefit to the muscle up goal. It’s like you order your meal and you are given all of these delicious sides to go with it.

In other matters we had a character building week in gym and I’ve never liked my coach less. Tuesday we had to run 400 metres and then do push presses (I think, it was some lifting move). I thought piece of cake baby I can run forever. The problem was he wanted us to run faster. I thought hey we don’t always get what we want. I figured as soon as I left the gate I would be out of eyeshot and I could go back to my regular plodding pace. I don’t think we had enough people in the class because the coach had time to run out with my friend and I and basically keep hollering at us to go faster and faster. This worked a treat because I’ve never run so fast in my life. It was a miserable experience and I normally love running but it was cool to run faster so maybe I’ll do it again.

Thursday was just cray. We had to do 75 single skips on our right leg then 75 on the left and then 20 forward lunges with weights for five rounds and I hated it. I had read the write up before coming to gym but I am not sure that the coach wrote five rounds on the write up. He says he did, I am not convinced. This work out hurt my knees, made me cranky, the whole nine yards. I did it because I figured he put it in for character testing, are you able to do the sucky workouts or do you just do the fun ones. I think now he did it because it really works each leg but who knows and I never asked, I just did the dam thing. I did it because every time I have run away from a workout I have regretted it, also David Goggins, who I adore, says you should do something that sucks every day so I did that workout. I did discover that skipping on one leg cured my dyscalculia because I did not do one rep more than I had to.

Friday Muscle Up Club was very interesting. I have a very sick dog at home who is starting to respond to medication but our mornings are hard. He was so bad Friday that I didn’t think I would be able to go to Muscle Up Club and then I thought about the last time I had looked after a sick dog, I had quit all of my other activities because it’s so hard to juggle everything. That bastard balance had come back for another nip at me. So I bundled up Fred and said come to gym. My muscle up peeps welcomed me with open arms even though I was a stressed mess. They looked after Fred, he seemed very happy to be cuddled and cosseted and I got a wonderful workout that took all the stress away. This was also the workout where I progressed my ring dip, very cool stuff.

In the world of Pole I found myself in an acro class Friday night where they were doing doubles. There was a time when I would have given an arm and a leg to do this stuff and I watched them Friday thinking, no you’re not strong enough, you’ll hurt them, you’ll drop them and so on and so on. Then the instructor said this is a trapeze move and it was like hearing a distant call and all those old feelings about trapeze bubbled to the surface. I pretty much couldn’t say no. I was terrified that I was going to hurt the instructor but she told me word perfect what I had to do and I did it word perfect and it only lasted a second but for that second I was back doing trapeze moves and I was in Heaven. So that’s been the finish of me, I thought I had put trapeze behind me but Pole keeps bringing it up and it’s obviously a love that I have not totally resolved. So I am now full steam ahead looking at buying my own static trapeze and I will ask my lovely gym coach if I can rig it up at his gym. I need trapeze like other people need air and water. I am a trapeze tragic. Just getting back to the start of this blog. I went to the pole class to move me closer to the Iron X and the milestone gift along the way that I didn’t expect was acro class and the return of my beloved trapeze.

Balance raised it’s ugly head again this week. You work extra and your training suffers. Work extra and keep up the training and all of a sudden, do I even know what my dogs look like anymore? I just had a meltdown Saturday and I thought there is nothing more important to me than those dogs and all of my animals. The Pinery fires taught me that. So I didn’t go to gym, I gave my dogs bloody great walks and spent the day with them. The Holy Grail though is to be able to spend quality time with them, still blitz the work front and get in my training oh and an hour or two on house work would be swell.

So that was the week that was. Thank you for reading, catch you next week.


Blog 5 What a Week!


This week taught me that training will give you highs and lows, you just have to hang in there and keep turning up because you never know what will happen next!.

So Monday was pole and it was a good lesson but not a great one. It was the sort of lesson where you are building your moves but you haven’t made them yet.

Tuesday gym workout was almost unenjoyable. We were doing ladders and they were cool but it was pretty much a lesson in ‘you are the puniest in the gym’. However if I don’t keep rocking up I am not going to get any better. We had all of these barbells laid out at different weights and you had to keep moving forward power cleaning them until you could not go heavier. I got a pb because you get so caught up in everything you go harder than you would have normally but I found it difficult to watch how much stronger other people were. In the same breath though it was also cool to watch them because you realised that this is human potential and maybe one day I will be going heavier and heavier.

I find adult fitness very interesting from the mental point of view. I wonder how many people quit gym and exercise because they see other people improving before they do and being stronger or faster or able to do more moves. I am finding this an incredible workout for my ego, I actually think it is improving my outlook on all sorts of things. To realise you will not be the best but have a go anyway. It certainly makes me empathise with my students when they are disappointed with their achievements.

Wednesday is rest day because of staff meetings so Thursday saw me back in the gym and I have to say I found that experience epic. Regular readers of my blog would know that I have had my tush kicked in muscle up club lately so I have been doing work at home so I can keep up with the other muscle uppers. This homework paid off in spades Thursday morning.

On a previous Thursday Michael the trainer asked me. how many pull ups can you do and I hadn’t been able to do one. It was very embarrassing because previously I had got up to five. He said what happened and I thought to myself, you haven’t done your bloody homework Trish that’s what happened. This Thursday he said Allright lets see if you can do a pull up and if you can we can have some fun. I thought allrighty Trish here’s a second chance, it’s time to redeem yourself. So I went and I did a pull up so I was one for one. Right he says let’s do weighted pull ups. So he found me a cool belt and I put it on and I added weights and stagger me I did weighted pull ups. Huzzah Trishy! I could not have been happier. We added more and more weight until I couldn’t do the pull up. It was a brilliant feeling, I got pictures, I posted it on facebook, people commented on my back muscles and I was a very happy camper. Then something very odd happened.

We went on to the workout. We had to do ten push presses and then a ten metre walking lunge with dumbbells, ten round partner wod. Mel my partner said use the 7 kilo dumbbells you never go high enough. So I did the first round and if we had enough time in two minutes we had to do pull ups. Michael says after the first round you have time, do a pull up. Off I go and I do one. He says you have more in you, do another and I did. He says have you got three in you and I did! The pull ups felt like a stretch. They didn’t seem hard at all I didn’t understand what was happening.

I got to round two and had a complete panic. The lunges were killing me and I thought I can’t do ten rounds of these. Then I thought just do your best. They wouldn’t set ten if they didn’t think you could do ten. After each round I’m still doing the magical pull ups and having no idea how they are happening.

We got to round four and Michael says one round to go. Massive forehead slap, it’s a PARTNER Wod so we do five rounds each not ten. I do the fifth round just about skipping because I had thought I had five more rounds afterwards and now I knew it was the last. This was an occasion when my Crossfit Discalcula pays off.

Thursday night something else really rather significant happened. I went to Pole and in the course of the lesson Leanne the trainer said I want to show you a cool move but first I have to teach you how to fall. Something clicked into place the moment she said that. I had found it very difficult to switch studios and trainers. It’s hard to trust your new trainers, you don’t know how good they are and you have to trust them to teach you things without damaging you. I have met some complete schmucks in my time and it takes me a while now to evaluate someone and say yes they are good I will let them train me or no this person is not good for me don’t go any further.

I liked Leanne the moment I met her but like is not enough to get trust. Many shonky people can be likeable. It’s almost like people earn ticks and crosses. If they get enough ticks you go ahead, enough crosses you stop and find someone else. She welcomed me to her pole studio, that gets a tick. She’s funny, another tick. She helped me train for stomp, another tick. She makes me laugh, more ticks. She’s confident, and lovely, more ticks, but it was only when she said I have to teach you how to fall that I felt a click inside me and I knew that’s it I trust her. It wasn’t even a mental click, it was like my body said ok we can now go forward. I knew she was strong enough to catch me and she was smart enough to protect us where possible from injuries. So that was significant for me because it means I can now go ahead in leaps and bounds instead of hesitating all the time. I’m still not ever going to do the suicide spin. Lets not get too crazy here!

Learning how to fall was scarier than the actual move but I did it. I let her just about toss me over the pole so that I would land properly and if I didn’t know better I would think that she broke my fall because it felt like landing on a pillow. Then because we had all been brave enough to do the learn how to fall thingy she showed us a pole handstand that I had tried before but never succeeded in and that night I got one. I was so rapt. It feels harder than normal ones because one hand is on the pole but it’s a really cool move.

I did Rookie fit on Friday and then muscle up club and it was only me in muscle up club that session so I was stuffed at the end of it but I was able to do some pretty cool drills so I am slowly but surely improving. Sam the trainer had a possible explanation for my magical pull ups on Thursday. You will recall that I had done weighted pull ups first and then doing regular pull ups in the workout, my muscles had found that heaps easier. I’m going to store that piece of information away because I think it’s going to come in handy, Maybe I should be doing a weighted pull up session once a week?

The week just kept giving because I went to a pole class at my studio’s other location and that was fantastic. I had thought it was miles away but it was pretty much only ten minutes on from where I had been training. They have great stairs so I could have used them for Stomp and Katrina was taking the class and I love her lessons. I finally figured out how to bring my hips forward in a move and that meant my leg locked in properly and that was all kinds of cool.

I was only expecting to stay for one hour but there was an acro class afterwards and all of a sudden I found myself in a class where they are teaching handstands, head stands and shoulder stands. There was a time when I had considered paying extra to go to a handstand class and here is my pole studio just offering one and it was a really really good one. I left that studio completely stuffed but completely grateful.

The Saturday workout I was totally rubbish at but to be honest I did not have one piece of energy left. I congratulated myself for turning up and giving it a go and finishing it.

So that was the week that was. Thank you for reading, catch you next week.


Blog 4 Roadblocks


Blog 4 Roadblocks


I am fascinated by road blocks in life and how they affect the course of your life. You can be travelling just beautifully and then you get sick, or injured, or your trainer gets sick or injured, or you have an argument with a person and it’s not comfortable to stay where you are. For all of these scenarios a flowchart pops up in my head, one arrow goes to stop training and the other arrow goes to all the other options; Find a new facility, find a new trainer, recover from your injury or face option one – stop training.

I use Bruce Lee as my inspiration. He achieved so much in his short life span and he experienced many road blocks. It is his attitude to those road blocks and how he didn’t let them derail his goals that truly inspired me. When life throws me a curve ball, I say to myself what would Bruce Lee have done? If you’re interested he has written a book about his views on just about every subject you could imagine. It’s a terrific read and for me it is like my bible. It’s called Striking Thoughts, Bruce Lee’s Wisdom for Daily Living.

I myself have faced many roadblocks. I’ve had a major illness which ended up being the path to bendiness because I spent all of my time stretching in the hospital while waiting for appointments. I’ve had a trainer get injured and I had to go and find another one. I’ve had my fair share of arguments and I’m working on that part of my character to see if I can get smarter at dodging them. The Universe has been kind about injuries but she gave me a good dose of surgeries through my illness to compensate.

Each time one of these setbacks occurred I faced the prospect of stopping training. It makes you run an evaluation of why you are training. What are you getting out of it because this is an opportunity to try something new. Each time a roadblock pops up I look at two possible paths before me, stop or find somewhere else to train, stop or find someone else to train with, stop or get your body back into condition, it’s a daunting task. It’s like someone has kicked your legs out from under you and you have to get up, dust off and go back to it. It does make you quite tough though to be able to do this over and over again and you may find that new trainers, new facilities or a new body may bring welcome changes.

Allrighty, the week that was. I was crook for Stomp so that didn’t happen. I was very sad about the money that went down the drain on that one. I’m at a new pole studio and I’m loving my lessons there. I need to work on a little more courage for some of these moves though. I had the offer of being shown a flip on Monday night and I was too scared to try it and I’ve been kicking myself ever since. If my Monday night trainer offers again I’m going to say yes please. Thursday night at Pole was the funniest of nights because this trainer offered to show me a suicide spin and all of my regrets from Monday went out the window. I said quite cheerfully , not on your life. To try and redeem my cowardly self in this trainer’s eyes I attempted the banana split but it had no appeal! Boom! Did you see what I did there??? Three of us were being challenged with the suicide spin and while we were doing that (or not doing that as the case might be), three beginners were doing carousel spins. They were all young, they were all gorgeous and they were doing their spins in sync. It was surreal having them go around and around their poles so serenely and beautifully while our trainer was trying to cajole us into attempting the suicide spin. I tell you that baby isn’t even on my to do list. The suicide spin is on my nup list. I also did a dance class on Thursday and I love those classes. I can be someone else when I do those classes and next week we are doing an exotic routine???? Stay tuned for that one.

Thursday gym was just crazy. It was ten rounds of pull ups pretty much, for each round you had to do 3 pull ups, 7 jumping pull ups, maybe 14 ring rows. I’m not sure on the ring rows or the jumping pull ups, the pain was in the negative pull ups and that’s what I remember. I ended up doing 39 negative pull ups. I took my shoes off in a desperate attempt to remove weight. It was an appalling workout even with the massive amount of scaling I applied to it. I couldn’t even do one strict pull up so God knows what was wrong with me that day. If you were wondering how the hell did she get 39 out of the negative pull ups, it’s because I finished quickly so I got given another three rounds.

Friday was muscle up club and I had managed to do my muscle up homework every single day this week. I really noticed the difference between my performance this week and last week, I was heaps stronger. Hopefully this motivates me to do as much homework this week. Even before this muscle up arrives it’s going to be very cool to be able to do a ring dip. There’s people in the gym who can just do a ring dip no probs and I huff and I puff but nothings happened yet but each week I do feel stronger. Watch this space.

I didn’t have much to give for Saturday’s workout but I feel like I should get brownie points for turning up and having a good go at it. Every workout I go to I learn something new, push a new boundary or find out something about a person I never knew before. So I finished earlier than normal on Saturday and a guy at the gym who I didn’t think gave a stuff asked me if I was ok, as in had I stopped because I was injured. I was seriously chuffed by that. I also got a chance to watch one of the women at Crossfit when I had finished my workout and this woman has the best attitude towards just about everything. She’s married, has a child, she’s a coach, she’s super fit and gorgeous to look at but the reason why I love her is her approach to life. She’s always smiling, she’s never phased by the workouts, she’s uber strong. This is the thing about Crossfit, it introduces you to inspirational people. It is a great community in Crossfit.

A lot of us are doing a rowing challenge tomorrow to raise funds for a young couple who need some help. It should be a fun day.

If I had allowed the roadblocks to stop me I wouldn’t be having any of these experiences now. I would be home sitting on the couch and ‘sitting down in my life’. That’s a quote from Five People You Meet In Heaven. If you get a chance you should read that book, it is amazing!

Thank you for reading, catch you next week.

Blog 3 2018 Crossfit – Leave Your Ego at the Door


I was going to be talking about Stomp but there is just too much other stuff going on so I will tackle stomp next week. Allrighty Crossfit is still teaching me lessons – God dammit.

Last week taught me to never quit a workout. This week taught me something entirely different and it was a hard lesson.

Tuesday night we had a killer workout but it didn’t look like a killer workout. It was;

5 Rounds

200m Run

15 overhead squats

At 15 minutes complete:

3 Rounds

200m run

21 Kettlebell swings 24/16

12 Pull-ups


So I looked at it and I figured out what weights I would use and started to get myself sorted. Michael the coach, came over and said use a 10 kilo bar for the overhead squats and I was appalled. It is only by the Grace of the Crossfit God that I didn’t mutiny there and then and say “Ten kilo bar? Never!” I did have Ben and Sam in my head saying that people needed to be coachable which was a polite way of saying please hush up and listen to your coach. This coach had been right many times before but I hadn’t used a ten kilo bar since I had been in rookie fit and to be honest I felt very put out. There was more humiliation to come. “Don’t do the pull ups, do ring rows instead” and I thought bugger me, he thinks I’m old and washed up. I was spitting it but I kept it to myself and I thought I will prove him wrong.

The workout started and all of a sudden I was in a world of pain. I don’t do overhead squats very often and five rounds was punishing. By the time I got to the ring rows I was so grateful for a break to just stand there and do them. I found that workout so hard I nearly didn’t finish and what that meant was that the coach had correctly assessed my ability, my ten kilo bar, ring row ability. I left that gym feeling very sorry for myself. My God did I learn a few things from that workout.

The first thing was listen to the coach. When he says go heavier and you think he’s mad, go heavier anyway. When he says go lighter and you think he is being insulting, he’s not, go lighter. If you want to improve and not get your tush totally whipped you need to train more regularly and with more intensity, poor poor Trishy I went home feeling totally whooped.

The Crossfit God must have taken sympathy with me because Thursday was so much better. I now only do box jumps for my workout thank you very much, no more step ups for Trishy. Now see if you can spot the irony in this. For this workout, same coach same student he said go higher on the weight than I would have chosen. This workout was

For time:


Shoulder to overhead 60/40

Box jump 24/20

9 – 6 – 3

Shoulder to overhead 80/60

Box jump 30/24




EMOM – 7 minutes

10 Hollow Rocks

3 V-Ups


So you see that this workout is a two parter and it gets higher and heavier after the first part. Now this workout I flat out did not think I could complete. I didn’t even care if I was old and washed up, I just wanted to survive. I was thanking my lucky stars that I hadn’t bitched on Tuesday about the workout weights being too light and I now seriously contemplated mutiny about the weights he was suggesting today. But the point of Tuesday was to learn a lesson, be coachable! So I took the higher weight and I thought ok if I can’t complete this I will at least give it a red hot go. This time with the Crossfit God having a chuckle at my expense I had a higher weight and a higher box to jump after the first part had been completed. I decided not to think about the second part of the workout and just concentrate on the first bit.

I had a very good friend opposite me doing the same workout and I thought I’m going to keep going for as long as she does. The bugger was she didn’t stop so we both ended up completing the workout. Us with the heavier weights and the higher boxes! I felt invincible at the finish. Whatever felt bad on Tuesday felt glorious on Thursday, crazy hey? I totally stuffed up the hollow rocks and V ups but I’m not sure I cared, I went heavier and higher people!

Friday came around and Muscle Up club had no muscle ups in it, instead Sam gave us this killer strength routine. It was quite bizarre. I had nothing in my arms and we were still doing more exercises. He said look at your muscles Trish and I thought they are not going to do me much good when I’m dead! Note to self more strength exercises in the week so Sam doesn’t kill you on Fridays! I went to see Deadpool2 with two girls from the gym after Muscle up club and we snuck in fruit for snacks. What complete gym tragics hey?

We finish this Crossfit week with Saturday’s workout and Saturday traditionally is our big workout.

This workout was:

For time:

10 Hspu

15 Deadlifts 115/80

25 Box jumps 30/24

50 Pull-ups

100 Wall ball shots

200 Double unders

400m run with weight plate 20/15


The gym was half empty because there was a big comp on and I was without my usual buddies. Ben was coaching this and I thought don’t panic there will be scaling. The scaling was – dumbbell pushups instead of handstand ones, much, much, much, lighter deadlifts, green stripe box jumps, pull ups with a band and I had to switch to a bigger band. Very light wall ball, single skips instead of double and by the time I got my weary carcass out for that last run Ben said take a 5 kilo weight instead of the ten which was the original scaled amount.

The workout bloody killed. The push ups, deadlifts and box jumps were fine but I got bogged down in 50 pull ups and I never really recovered. However I plodded along and with a lot of encouragement which took the form of; “How many do you have left? No seriously how many?” I eventually finished. Ben stood over me and made sure I did every bloody skip when I was sure that he was going to say do eighty that’ll be fine. I think I was hallucinating at this point. Then Sam came out to make sure I got back from the run and I thought even without my usual workout buddies I still get looked after at this gym. pretty cool hey?

this is what I posted on facebook afterwards. I got it from another coach called Sam who is a lovely person too.


My plan is that by going to the big workouts I will hopefully gain more strength and stamina for those pesky Tuesday workouts.

Thank you for reading, catch you next week.


Blog 2 2018 Pushing Your Limits


Crossfit has been amazing this week. I have done things that I had no idea that I could do and the really cool thing is that the challenges have been mental and physical. How often do you get a challenge that resets your ability level? What are you capable of doing mentally and physically? This is a way to truly know yourself, I love Crossfit.

The week started with our coach sending a message to everyone in the box and said if he scheduled an hour and a half workout who would come? 29 of us put our hands up but he wouldn’t say what the workout was. With a tenacity that was worthy of a pit bull I tried all week to get him to spill the beans but he wouldn’t, it was rock up and see.

Normally I practice before a big workout I’ve done that for Murph and I’ve done it for the 12 Days of Christmas. It’s a little daunting to rock up and have no idea what you are going to be doing. However my training in the scouts did not desert me and I arrived as prepared as I could be. I got plenty of sleep the night before, I had the breakfast of champions – porridge, and I wore my lucky socks. I also arrived 15 minutes early for the workout so that I would not be rushed and stressy before it started.

I walked through the door to be met by Wade another one of the coaches. I still had my bag in my hand and I was a little fluttery because of whatever this hour and a half challenge was. He took one look at me and said “Trish they’ve already gone. It’s a twelve kilometre run!” I nearly had a heart attack! I was all set to throw my bag down and run out the door after them when Penny (thank God for Penny) said “No Trish he’s winding you up, stay here”. What a bugger hey! I swear to God I nearly had a heart attack.

After I had told Wade that he was now dead to me, Sam the coach who had instigated both the work out and the surprise factor, announced the workout. The workout was called Clovis, 16km run and 150 burpee pull-ups. Ben another coach was happy as he had been the only one to guess it. That was the RX requirement I planned to do 8kms and 75 burpee pull ups but my old friend of ‘Trish can’t count’ kicked in and I ended up doing 11kms and I couldn’t work out why I was so tired.

I learned a lot about myself and about others from this workout. We were doing this thing for an hour and a half, some people including myself took longer and people just didn’t quit. Cramps set in to the point that I could see a person’s toes curling forward and still she didn’t quit. That’s going to be something I don’t forget. I was proud of myself for what I achieved and I was gob smacked by what I saw other people do. I got so concerned about this person but I remember Sam saying you won’t die, you’ll feel like you will but you won’t die. Anyhoo she didn’t die and I was very grateful for that. What she taught me though was I will never quit a workout now.

Another great thing about Saturday was that I’ve now done one of those workouts that they will talk about in the future. It shouldn’t matter but it does. They talk about big workouts that they have done in the past and you feel a little on the outer when you haven’t done them. Now I’ve done one of them and I feel like I’m earning my stripes.

Tuesday night I joined the Gazelle club. Now I should point out here that I started the Gazelle club and there are only three members of which I am one but it’s a pretty cool club. We were continuing the theme of what limits could be pushed and today’s task was box jumps. Regular readers of this blog will know that I was seriously chuffed to have obtained the green stripe box in my box jumps. That was a full box size up from what I had been doing previously. Now tonight, Michael the coach was saying go higher and I thought, are you insane? I also thought this has been a week to test limits, why not give it a go.

I found a box and I found a corner to set up shop. I measured the new box against the old box to see just how much further I was going to go. Wade who was taking another session watched me do this and thought it was hilarious. If I had had a tape measure I would have measured it. First I stepped up to make sure I could do that. Then I stepped down because that was nearly as difficult. Then I took a good hard look at the much, much, much higher boxes my class mates were attempting and I turned back to my much, much, much smaller box and I said we can do this.

I stood right in front of my own private Everest and I willed my Clydesdale feet to leave the floor, somehow magically go into the air and land on this box. I waved my arms, I took a deep breath, I cleared the area around the box in case I smooshed my face. It was just me and the box and some words of encouragement from Michael. I was watching the other gazelles leap upon their boxes and I thought I want to do this too. So I told myself that if I smooshed my face, it’s getting a little battered anyway it’s probably no big thing. I swung my arms and I jumped. I made it. I did it. One minute I was standing on the floor with this great big Everest sized box in front of me and the next minute I was on top of the box. No more Clydesdale for Trishy I was a mountain goat, no bugger that I was a gazelle. Hence the start of the gazelle club.

We had to do three jumps every three minutes five times. This meant that you got to do the move over and over again and it cures your nerves. You realise that it isn’t a fluke you really can do this now and it’s such a cool feeling. Michael brought another plate over and I jumped the box and the plate and I thought bloody hell there is no stopping me now baby. I am a bloody gazelle. I left that box feeling like a million dollars, I had no idea that I could jump that high.

Thursday rolled around and there was more breaking of limits, I know unbelievable hey? I went there especially because they were doing deadlifts and I have wanted to advance my deadlifts. Some days you go to the gym and you feel blah and some days you go and you feel pumped and today I was feeling pumped. I felt like I had a possible pb in me. We set up our stations and we had to get 7 reps at a heavy weight. I had unfortunately forgotten my exercise book which had my heavy weight in but I thought I knew it and I when I got home later and checked I was pretty close. So 60 kilos for me is heavy and there was a time when 50 and 40 was heavy. We all had our stations and I was feeling pretty good about what I was doing. I did however find this whole business of finding a heavy weight a bit daunting. I lifted one weight and I saw the coach run off to get another lot of weights and I actually felt a bit panicked and I thought no this is quite enough. Then I had to remind myself that I am in charge of my own destiny. If I didn’t think that I could do a heavier weight I had to chirp up and say it but the bugger is you get so caught up in what you are doing and you want your coach to not think you are slacking off. So he bought the weights over, we put them on and I did it and I had no bloody idea that I could lift 60 7 times, previously that had been my maximum one rep weight. Bloody hell. It is so so so cool to get stronger. It means that your body isn’t decaying as you grow older it’s improving. That’s a little secret worth knowing hey?

Sometimes just going to the box puts you in the right place to have a conversation that might change the whole course of your life. I know that sounds dramatic but how many little adjustments do we make that end up being pivotal in the lives we end up with? I was talking to one of the coaches about how I wanted to become a personal trainer so that I could go into aged care facilities and get those people moving a little. I moaned that what was stopping me was that I had poor maths skills. After we had had the conversation I thought hang on what would Zig Ziglar say about this? He would say you are not stuck where you are. You can change. If my maths sucks, like keeping count of the reps or adding up the weights on the bar then I need to work on that. It’s going to be a cool side effect of crossfit when my maths improves.

On Friday I did not dazzle in muscle up club and I left feeling quite despondent. I had not been able to do one pull up and as I berated myself for being a pune I thought no you’re not being fair to your body here. I hadn’t trained at all on these exercises in the week and when muscle up club arrived it showed. I will not be able to half arse this. If I want my muscle up and I do, I really do want my muscle up, I will need to be consistent with my training. This is no secret but today was the Universe slapping me in the face with a reminder!

This session was followed by another session when two people said my arms looked muscley and that made me extremely happy. Then one of them said that my muscles looked like the muscles of a girl in the gym that I really admire and that just made my total day.

I bring this blog to a close with the following Saturday’s workout and we have the week that was in Crossfit. This workout was not a surprise one but I had no flipping idea that it would be as hard as it was. It was a 400m run – ok, 400m lunge squat – hello! 400m run – say goodbye to any legs you had and then 7 rounds of ten pull ups and ten sumo deadlift high pulls. This one has to enter the hall of fame as “do you remember when we did that one!” Or “At least today is not as bad as this one”. It was an appalling workout and do you remember I said I wasn’t going to quit a workout again. Bloody hell try going around an oval doing lunge squats? The whole oval people!!! I was the last to come back into the box and I did comfort myself with the thought that this is the first time I’ve ever gone around an oval doing lunge squats and it will probably be the last time. The horror continued with 7 rounds of 10 SDHPs and 10 pull ups. I started hallucinating about cherries and picking them. Do you have the phrase cherry picking in your gym? After round five I think, I started doing knee raises instead of the pull ups because I was dead. Here’s a kicker, the girl who got the cramps last week and the reason why I won’t quit a workout now thought it was hilarious that I hated this workout so much. She treated it like a walk in the park.

I have to say I was a little deflated at the finish. This workout bloody killed me and I needed more fanfare at the finish. You do a marathon and people give you a medal and lots of people say well done and give you drinks and snacks. In Crossfit you get a well done and a high five and away you go my son. I need more! Especially if I am going to start completing these awful workouts. I’ve thought about paying someone to be my gym assistant, someone to keep count of my reps and spritz me when needed. Maybe my assistant could also be my cheer squad, “Oh Trish that was so amazing however did you do it? I thought you were going to die!!!!” See I can even write the scripts for him and yes my gym assistant would be male and yes he would be pretty to look at. Really Jake Dupree should be my assistant. Now I’m wondering if Tia-Claire Toomey has a spritzer and if she doesn’t maybe I could do that job?

Ok I’ve rambled enough but if you haven’t tried Crossfit you really should, it is amazing. Thank you for reading, catch you next week when I talk about Stomp!

Blog 1 Crossfit Changes


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but I can see changes taking place and I wanted to record them. I wanted to celebrate them and not just take them for granted.

For a while now I have noticed that when I brush my hair I can see muscles in my arms and my shoulders and for a long time I thought you’re imagining it, you’re kidding yourself. Then you start to see different lumps, bumps, lines on your body and you think that wasn’t there before. People start to comment on muscles they can see in your legs and your arms and then you know you’re not imagining it. Those things are cool but what is cooler than cool what is cooler than appearances is when your body can do more than it used to do and you think, I like this!

For the longest time you will go to gym and nothing will change. You will keep plugging along and if you are like me you might start to say to yourself well this is your reality now. Maybe this is the strongest you can be, maybe some of these moves aren’t accessible to you. Then the Crossfit Fairy will come in and wave her wand and say Yes Trishy you may go and do more.

So in a very rapid sequence I started to get higher numbers on my deadlift, push press, power clean and back squat. Huzzah! Then the pistol squat starts showing itself and I think yes please I’ll have a little of that.

Then I get a one on one with one of the coaches and it’s all, I think you can lift more than that Trish shall we try? And I say yes please that would be lovely and all of a sudden we are loading weights on and it’s fun, I’ve never thought lifting was fun – UNTIL NOW!

But wait there’s more! I’m doing a program to get my muscle up and I can feel myself changing. Things that were not possible are now possible. Holding myself up on the rings, slowly lowering myself down, it is an awesome feeling to do something that you couldn’t before. There’s nothing like it. You know you are getting stronger and you know that you will get the move you are after.

With this muscle up program there is one part of the training session where the coach helps you up in a muscle up so you actually feel like you are doing the muscle up. I’ve now got footage of that and I can watch it over and over so that in my head I can do this move. It’s going to take the body a little while to catch up but that’s ok. When this muscle up arrives she is going to be so beautiful.

But wait there’s still more! We did this workout today and it was a Saturday workout and they are traditionally a tough one. A person from the gym had shared this video from Matthew McConaughey Do yourself a favour and watch it, it’s so good. So I went to gym with this video firmly in my mind. I set up my little spot for the workout, I had my equipment, my chalk, my drink, my mat. I love this bit. I have always liked the preparation more than the actual workout.

Now Crossfit is like twenty percent a mental game, if you don’t have your attitude right you are lost before you’ve even started. So I didn’t look at other people around me, I didn’t listen to anyone saying oh I can’t do this it’s too hard, I didn’t listen to myself saying it’s ten rounds you nutter how the hell can you do that, I just got into my little crossfit zone and I was happy. I had Brodie next to me and he’s a very calming influence. He’s also pretty funny.

So I’m all set, I’m good to go. Ben the coach comes over and he’s the one that I did that one to one session with and he says Trish I think you can go higher on your box jumps. If you’re not a crossfitter you won’t understand what this meant to me. If you’re not a clydesdale of an athlete you won’t understand what this meant to me. My heart soared. I was getting a promotion. He wasn’t saying go lower, do less, do your best, he was saying go higher. If I had died then I would have died happy. I got my higher box and I loved my higher box. So now it was ten rounds with a higher box and I was still in my happy place. If I couldn’t do it then I couldn’t do it but I was going to give it a red hot go.

The workout started and I was just competing with me and I loved it. For the first time I did every jump and I didn’t do step ups. I finished that wod and I felt so proud of myself. Everybody should feel that way all the time.

What the Wod showed me was that I am still capable of improving. The box got higher, I managed to do jumps for the first time for the whole workout. I think sometimes I think that I am no longer capable of improving maybe I have reached my maximum potential so when something happens and I find out that there is more to achieve it’s such a gift to yourself.

I’m in a rock solid place right now, I’ve got the foundation down and now I’m just going up and up and I love it. I’ve got good life balance and life is just wonderful. Thank you for reading.

Blog 26 Stretch Class


Sky High Pole and Fitness (Shameless plug) run a couple of stretch classes and I go to the Saturday one. At the moment Adelaide is a furnace so it’s a bit of a big deal for me to haul my weary tush into the class when it’s 37 degrees outside and you haven’t had much sleep.

However, it is the sort of class that you don’t want to miss if you can possibly help it. Giang runs the class and it’s a really good class.

Part of the magic of this class is that you get tons of time for each stretch. I’ve done sessions in other places where you get maybe ten or fifteen seconds on a stretch. It’s not bad but we go forever in our stretches. I mean governments change, seasons change, days, weeks, months go by, before we come out of a stretch. I’m exaggerating just a tiny bit but yesterday when I really honestly thought is Giang ever going to say come out of this stretch I felt myself go deeper in the stretch. It was like one minute, tight, tighter, excruciating, then oh I’ve just moved down a couple of millimetres it was amazing.

While I was doing this stretch that lasted a thousand years, I had a lot of time for reflection. Normally I sleep in the stretches. I’m so tired from doing Crossfit or Giang’s pole class before her stretch class that I shut my eyes and power nap whenever I get the chance. However today I had only come out of my air conditioned cave for the stretch class so compared to how I was normally, I was pretty awake.

We were in this stretch and it was uncomfortable. I had twisted my knee the previous week helping to unload hay, that was flat out embarrassing, picture me saying I’ll help you unload, to my lovely hay man and then after two bales, ooh no I won’t. So I’m in this stretch and it hurts but it isn’t stabby. Giang says try and stay in the stretch if you can but if it’s painful come out. So I’m in this stretch and just for once I’m actually awake and I’m thinking it would be so easy just to move my leg out, just get up and stop, just change position and stop the stretch. This was after I had been to my happy place a couple of times and been back. I thought yes I could do that but at some point you have to decide do you really trust the person taking the class. Do you think she means for you to be in this stretch for this long and if you do and you trust her then you stay put. So I stayed put and I stayed awake and I felt my body go tight tighter excruciating and then relief, lower, it was kind of amazing.

I had made a joke earlier that we could do the class via a television in the studio and we could all stay home and follow along but there is no way I would have stayed in the stretch for that long. Also Giang was coming around readjusting people, getting them straight and you can’t get that from a video.

I need stretch for Pole but I also do stretch because I believe it strengthens your body. I know a lot of people say oh you can be strong or you can be flexible but you can’t have both but I disagree. I think flexibility makes your joints supple rather than stiff and it means you will bend before you break. I can’t prove this but I’ve seen some elderly folk who are very flexible and they look like their bodies are treating them very well. I’ve seen other people very hunched up and stiff so I would like to join the first group please.

I also think stretching is cool just for the shapes you can make and what your body can do. It’s also amazingly relaxing. I come out of stretch class and all my joints feel stretched out and limber. I feel like I’ve just had a yoga class in the sense of how relaxed I feel and it’s helping me with my pole. I also don’t get very sore with exercise and I wonder if the stretch class is helping with that too.

I think the pole stretch class is a little undiscovered gem at my studio. I think it has all of these benefits, only one of which is helping with pole.

It’s an amazing class. If you find a teacher that you’re really happy with you will move heaven and earth to get to their classes.

Thanks for reading

Thank you Universe for Sky High Pole and Fitness, it’s a wonderful place.

Blog 25 Dance Class

4458_Chorus-Girl-2So my pole studio runs a lesson called Combo and Floorwork. They have these sessions for each level of student and if there is a vacancy, a level above is allowed to go to a level below class. So there was a vacancy in Friday’s class and the teacher Sarah was doing a routine to Sia’s Elastic Heart which is a song that I adore.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the video clip to Elastic Heart and if you haven’t just google it, it’s right there waiting for you. I had always thought there is no way I could do a credible dance to that song. Sure I could jig around, especially with a little alcohol inside me but an actual choreographed dance? I wanted to see if I could do that.

Do you know what? I released my inner Maddie Ziegler and I gave it a red hot go. It helped that Sarah came up with this really cool routine. We did this bit where we leaned forward around the pole and our arms were out I guess in these two sort of downward right angles. That looked really cool. Then you grab the pole with one arm, still staring at the mirror then you switch arms and when we are all doing it at the same time, it just looks excellent. I know it would be better explained with a video but I’m not techo enough for that. Anyhoo for a couple of beats you are in this pose staring at the mirror and it was just brilliant. You forget how old you are, you forget how crappy your day or your week has been. You actually just lose yourself in the dance.

Now just imagine looking at your reflection in the mirror as you do this dance and being happy with what you see? How much would you pay for that? I loved that lesson, I truly honestly loved that lesson, well done Sarah on a fantastic choreography. 

I did a dance class as well with Emily on Monday and I discovered when I got home that I could practice pirouettes and body rolls with my hills hoist. So I’m putting out the washing the next day, side stepping dogs and practising her routine. I was doing body rolls against the hills hoist and when I did them I wasn’t a person who had just picked up the horse poop, or fed the dogs or mopped the floor, I was someone in a studio doing a cool dance to cool music wearing a cool outfit. Thanks Emily, brilliant class.

There is something about doing what you love being so beneficial to you. When you do what you love it takes all the toxic people out of your system and you are transformed. I would urge everyone to find what they love and do it, you will become a different person.

This has got to get a mention. Monday night I did a Tammy with a fair bit of encouragement from Emily, cheers for that Emily. I also have started the process to learn drops from Sarah and I thought they would be a super duper mega advanced move and no there is a version they can teach us where we won’t die. How cool is that?

We had a class Saturday and I had a case of the ‘fats’. There was me and the mirror and I was pulling myself to pieces. A very smart lady on Face book showed her friends a picture of them as little kids and she said would you say those hurtful things to this little kid. So I started looking in that mirror and remembering me as a little kid. Then I started looking at my body, and this was all while we were doing our exercises, and I started critically looking and finding what I liked instead of what I didn’t like. It’s a really interesting exercise. So I liked my legs, I liked my arms and all of a sudden your attention goes to them instead of what you don’t like about yourself. You should try it if you ever get a case of the fats it’s a very good exercise.

I’ve been having a few conversations with this little girl I used to be. I had almost forgotten about her. It’s actually hard to rubbish yourself when you know that you are rubbishing her.

I love my pole studio. It is my happy place. I made a deal with myself that regardless of how I felt I would show up for class and it is paying off. My mental state feels so much better.

Thanks for reading, go find what you love if you haven’t already, it is the best thing you can do.

Thank you Universe for physical fitness, dance, kind and funny instructors and Sia – thanks for Sia she’s all kinds of awesome.